Immunoregulation and
Therapy of Autoimmune
Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer

Benoit Salomon

Team Leader :

Salomon Benoit

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The team includes 3 Inserm researchers, 1 university hospital researcher, 1 Inserm research engineer and welcomes Master’s students, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

We specialise in the study of CD4+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells (Tregs) in mice, humanised mice and humans, and of certain cytokines. We are working on the role of metabolism, co-stimulatory/co-inhibitory signals, IL-12 and TNF family cytokines and novel markers of Tregs in the control of autoimmune diseases and cancers.

A better understanding of the role of Tregs in these diseases allows us to propose innovative therapies.

The team members

Salomon Benoit

Salomon Benoit

DR2 Inserm, team and project leader

Roubanis Aristeidis

Roubanis Aristeidis

PhD student

Our research focus on 3 axes

  • Treg
  • Cytokines
  • Co-stimulation
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmunity
  • Biotherapy

1. Identity and diversity of Tregs to homeostasis

We are studying the transcriptomic identity of Tregs based on data from the laboratory and the literature.

This work has allowed us to characterise a consensus molecular signature of Tregs and to show the preferential expression of unexpected genes in these cells, such as the proenkephalin gene.

Beyond their common identity, Tregs are also diverse and exhibit different properties depending on their tissue localisation.

We are working on the mechanisms involved in the early colonisation of non-lymphoid tissues by Tregs, and on the biology of Tregs present in adipose tissue and their role in insulin resistance.

2. Function of Tregs in autoimmune diseases and cancers

We have developed mice with specific deficiencies of certain genes (encoding TNFR2, 4-1BB, ICOS, NF-kB or regulating cellular metabolism) in Tregs to better understand their role in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and cancers.

This work allows us to decipher the mechanisms of Treg suppression in target tissues of autoimmune attacks and in tumors.

It also allows us to identify therapeutic targets for these diseases that can then be tested in humanised mice before their development in patients.

3. Biology of IL-27 and IL-35

IL-27 and IL-35 are two heterodimeric cytokines of the IL-12 family that play an important role in the regulation of T responses and the development of autoimmune diseases and cancers.

Our projects aim to better understand their expression profile in human immunopathology, and the mechanisms regulating their biogenesis and mode of action.

The opportunities

  • Collection of conditional KO mice for the study of Tregs
  • Bioinformatic study of the Tregs signature
  • Physiopathology of inflammatory diseases and cancers
  • Validation of new targets in inflammatory diseases
  • Validation of new targets for cancer immunotherapy



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