Photo du bâtiment du CIMI

of Immunology
and Microbial 

The Centre for Immunology and Microbial Infections (Cimi) is a mixed research unit created in 2014. It is affiliated to Sorbonne University, Inserm and CNRS. The Cimi is located on the campus of Sorbonne University’s Faculty of Medicine at the Pitié-Salpêtrière site in Paris.

The location encourages a strong dynamic and interactions between the research teams and the hospital services. Approximately 150 people work at the Cimi, including researchers, teachers, technical personnel and research support staff.

The research conducted at the Cimi explores  how the immune system functions and host-pathogen interactions, but also aims to develop immune-based therapeutic strategies and new ways to fight infectious diseases.

Topics: immunology, inflammation, immuno-oncology, microbiology, host-pathogen interactions, antibiotic resistance, vaccinology.

immunologie et bactéries

Recent news

Publication – O Silvie

02 February 2023

O. Silvie’s team has identified a Plasmodium protein that is essential for the infection of hepatocytes during malaria. This protein, called B9, could constitute a new vaccine target.

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Publication – D Scalbert Sterlin

01 February 2023

A novel CIMI collaboration underlines the key role played by the immune/microbiota interface in the pre-education of the human antibody repertoire.

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Team’s FRM 2022 – G Gorochov

10 January 2023

Guy Gorochov’s team has been awarded the Equipe FRM 2022 label for the project «Study and manipulation of host-microbiota mutualism regulated by immunoglobulin A»

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