“Exploring the microbiome to displace multi-drug resistant Enterobacteria from the gut”

Vendredi 14 Octobre à 12h
Location : 91 Bld de l'hopital - Salle 511 Speaker : Dr. Till Strowig
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« Identification of key components of proteostasis regulation for diagnosis and targeting of inflammatory diseases and cancer »

Lundi 26 Septembre à 12h
Location : 91 Bld de l'hopital - Salle 616 Speaker : Dr. Manuel Rodriguez
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« Malaria, asplenia : a story of sensing, swelling, sickling & pitting »

Location : webminar Speaker : Pierre Buffet
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« Recruitment and activation of type 3 innate lymphoid cells promote antitumor immune responses »

Location : webminar Speaker : Dr. Mélanie Bruchard
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Residency and trafficking of ILC2 under stable and Th2-induced inflammatory conditions

Location : webinar Speaker : Maxime Petit (CIMI-paris)
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